Windows-More Than Just A Design

Is your heating or cooling bill higher than it should be? Are your windows old, broken, or difficult to open and close? It may mean that it is time to replace them. On top of that, not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are energy efficient as well.

There are so many options to choose from like the type of window, design, materials, and more. The style and materials of you choose, completely change the look of your home or building. For example: floor to ceiling windows can take a small space and make it look twice as big and allow natural light to shine in. Or if you have a historic home or building you have to follow a set of guidelines and get approval for your windows.

Styles Of Windows


Has a top sash that can be lowered and a bottom sash that can be raised.


Has a fixed top sash and a bottom sash that can be raised.


Has one fixed top sash and a bottom sash that can be raised.


Hinge at the side and open out from the other side.


Hinge at the top and open out from the bottom.


Combination of windows that extend outward and include a fixed window in the center that are joined together with venting windows on each side.


Combination of four or more windows joined together that extend outward to form a graceful curve.


Designed and built for you and your home or business.

Special Shape

Angled, rectangular, or curved shapes that do not vent.


Offers unique beauty and operational styles.

Framing Materials


Paintable or stainable, better insulation, long lasting, and aesthetically pleasing.


Traditional wood profile, extremely strong, low maintenance, and paintable.


Extremely durable, non-corroding, virtually maintenance-free, and energy efficient.


Slim profile, durable, narrow sight lines, and low maintenance.

Our Process

We want your window(s) to fit the style and look of your home or business. Our design team will work with you to carefully choose the style and frame materials that will complete your look. To learn about our Energy Efficient options, click here

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