Outdoor Lighting…Not Just for Pretty Pictures

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Original Source: https://williamsonsource.com/outdoor-lighting-not-just-for-pretty-pictures/

By Williamson Source – August 16, 2021

exterior lighting
photo from Home Depot

When browsing real estate photos, whether looking for a new place to call home or getting inspiration for photographing your own property to sell, it is quickly apparent how much curb appeal matters. But what about those captivating evening and night photos that show the house illuminated in all its finery? It turns out, those outdoor lights are more than just decorative. They’re important for the safety and security of the homeowners.https://b78790cf346e89304d91c3fd6d5b1f8c.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

Why Outdoor Lighting Matters

Outdoor lighting can provide a dual measure of protection for you, your family and your belongings. First, it allows you to see where you’re going. No one wants an injury from tripping over something they couldn’t see at night or even in the strange shadows of twilight. Down lights that emit a soft glow and illuminate the paths reduce the likelihood of injury to you and your guests.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, outdoor lighting acts as a protection against burglary. Most people who commit burglaries do so with the intent or hope of not being caught or even seen. Security footage is useless if you can’t see the person. And most burglars strike when they suspect no one is home. So while outdoor lighting is important when you’re away, it’s just as important when you’re home. After all, property is much less valuable than people. Keeping outside lights on while you sleep may keep your family safe.

What Not to Do With Outdoor Lighting

Motion sensor lighting only works when someone is already on your property. And prevention is always preferred over reaction. Be proactive with soft, beautiful lighting.

Flood lights or lights that glare blindingly into the neighbor’s home will never be appreciated. When you stage your outdoor lighting, be mindful of those around you.

One bright light that creates lots of shadowy places for trespassers to lurk doesn’t actually solve the problem. In fact, it could create more opportunities. Make sure your lighting is consistent and reduces spots that would encourage break-ins.

Our Favorite Lighting Options

Accent lights spaced around the property provide an ambiance that invites the living space of a home to continue outside the four walls. You’ve invested in beautiful landscaping. Why shouldn’t you enjoy it after the sun has dipped below the horizon? Highlight your landscape with lightscape.

Soft and spacious lighting usually suffices to keep your home safe and beautiful. But well-lit entryways are a must. Whether to deter the bad guys or just see well enough to unlock the door at night, entryways should be bright enough. Don’t forget other points of access, such as backdoors and side doors.

When it’s time to take photos and put your house on the market, these outdoor lighting tips will pay off in the end. And the longtime expert realtors at Warren Bradley Partners can help you highlight your home to get top dollar.